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Seida Tech: Be Led By Your Dreams

Updated: May 1, 2023

South Africa needs recognition and innovation. No one is going to do it for us, so we, as the new generation, need to step up and make things happen. We discussed this with Sethu Nzimande, Founder & Chief Executive of Seida Tech. While Tawoh is more on the creative side, we decided to delve into the technical side. During the interview, we learnt that these two seemingly opposite spaces are far more intertwined than many may believe.

“Not just a tech company – we’re a movement”.


Seida Tech was established on the rationale that using technology to empower the dreams of our generation is important. They develop mobile and web applications for clients , which aim to push our generation forward and they encourage their users to always create. One of their key business objectives is to work with people, while also addressing the realities of their creative spaces. Sethu told us that he was driven by the question of why SA doesn’t do something to improve and get the recognition it should.

Sometime during the end of high school, Sethu knew what he wanted to do, and realised that adulthood would be the longest phase of his life. This mindset drove him to start thinking about how he could no longer want things to happen to him – he needed to make those things happen himself. “If I do it right, it could be the most fulfilling time ever”. And even if it ended up going wrong, it would be a lesson to learn from.

Like Localnest ( the idea that sparked Seida Tech was brought to life during the lockdown period. He told us that he was at a point where he had multiple ideas about how SA could be improved, and wanted to revolutionise every problem that SA had. He managed to narrow it down to one problem that he knew he had the skills to solve - the shortage of technological methods to help the people of our generation achieve their objectives in our digital world. He then broke it down into steps:

1. He invested in an app.

2. He started reading books and watching videos to get a better idea of how he could start.

3. The final step was to start building something he was passionate about.

During his time at university, he met a computer science student, who joined him in Seida’s beginning. Within a month, Sethu had a team, all university students, that helped him create a solid foundation for the company. Like many, the pandemic lockdown disrupted the momentum of Seida, which proved to be their most trying time. He further explained that the team had difficulty adjusting to virtual meetings at first, but eventually made it work.

“Every day we’re still learning. We’re moving slowly, and still building connections”.


Something that stood out during the interview was Sethu telling us about internal problems. We are so used to hearing about external problems, like limited capital, or the struggle with time management, but very few people recognise the problems that arise within a team. Conflicting opinions, not pulling your weight, and unmet expectations from team members are but a few of those internal issues. If one person in a team decides to slack off, it puts a hold on the company’s movement as a whole.

“It’s very important to have contingencies - we have to level out the lows so we can keep moving”.

Recently, Seida has had to rework their marketplace platforms and website, which they expect to be completed soon. The company aims to be in multiple marketplaces, and continue to build connections with their clients. They aim to create a more enriched user experience and appealing digital designs while also building a better "tech" South Africa.

“Rappers, for example, are role models because they’re doing things. We admire them and how they do those things”. – In the same way, we can move people with the way we act and carry out those actions. It’s not specifically what you do, but more the mastery of it that becomes inspiring.


Technology and creativity are thus interconnected, where technology has made it easier to bring creative ideas and innovative minds together. With Africa's tech space continually achieving milestones, one of our own cities (Cape Town) became known as the Tech Capital of the continent. And with local economies in need of modernisation, there is no real reason to hang back, especially when you have the skills to contribute.

This is the fundamental mindset of the Seida team.

In a powerful closing statement, Sethu again mentions the state of South Africa and how it is up to us to uplift it.

“We have to keep moving and creating. We have to have concepts and principles and have the discipline to get it. To go for it. We need new tech start-ups. We need new energy. As South Africans, we are so diverse, but the media is so controlled. Instead of waiting for the government to come up with social solutions, we have to turn to private owned businesses. A place where everyone supports one another and everyone’s intention is to uplift the next person, through entrepreneurship”.

Do you agree with Sethu? Let us know!

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