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TAWOH is a distinctive media company specialising in creative production services for Local Businesses and Events. Originally established to support young entrepreneurs with quality and affordable visual content, our focus has evolved toward brands with a unique edge.

Comprising a team of highly skilled professionals, we recognise the importance of visual content in capturing the essence of brands and events. Additionally, we believe in the ingenuity and talent of African creatives, and our goal is to help them drive the world forward through their work.

Looking ahead, TAWOH envisions expanding its impact by introducing a distinctive streaming service. This service will showcase a curated selection of niche content from around the continent and the world. This initiative, complementing our current services, will provide our clients with diverse options to showcase their brand and foster meaningful connections with their audience.

Vision Backed By Tech Accelerator

Our journey is bolstered by the strong support of TuksNovation, a leading tech incubator, backed by SEDA, which will enable us to bring our unique vision to life. Together, we aim to redefine the future of streaming entertainment.



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